Family and Children's Portrait Sessions - FAQs

What time of year is best for an outdoor shoot?

I photograph outdoors all year round but the best time of year for outdoor photos is between early April and late October for the warmer weather and all the outdoor colours that the spring, summer and autumn seasons bring.

The best time of day for an outdoor session is early morning or late afternoon for the better light. I will chat to you beforehand and we can work out the best time of day depending on the ages of your children, time of year and your schedule. We can fit around children’s naps etc if needed to make sure they are at their best for the session!

Do you come to my home or can I choose another location?

All my photo sessions are bespoke and so you can choose your preferred location. Some sessions are all at home and in your garden and this often works well if you have young children.

However, there are lots of beautiful locations in this part of Kent and you may have another favourite spot in mind. We can choose a local park for example or you may have a walk that you love and we can take photos along the way. We can chat on the phone beforehand and decide on the best location depending on what suits your family and will best tell your unique story.

Do you give tips on what to wear for our family shoot?

It is definitely worth putting some thought into what to wear as this can make all the difference to the final photos. Whilst you don’t all have to match, it is a good idea to co-ordinate with a similar palette, whether this is a spring/summer or more autumn/winter look.

I’ll send you some tips on what to wear in advance – I have a Pinterest board for every season! You can always bring a couple of options for the children if you aren’t sure. It’s always worth bringing layers too, particularly on chillier days.

I have a young baby, what is the best age to photograph them?

I photograph babies of all ages in a similar way to older children. I don’t do posed ‘in a basket’ type shots but take more of a ‘lifestyle’ approach. If your baby is a newborn then I would usually come to your home and take really natural photos of them in your home environment. I’ll make sure to take some of them in your arms and some with their siblings as well if they have any older brothers or sisters.

If the weather is warm enough then we can take some newborn photos outside too. Here is an example of a newborn session that we did both indoors and outside Newborn photo session in Tunbridge Wells.

Once your baby is a little older we can happily take them outdoors for the photo shoot. From 6 months onwards they should be starting to sit up unaided, which is a great time to photograph them (but you don’t have to wait until then of course!).

What if my little one needs a feed or a nap during the photo session?

If you have a newborn or young baby then I do allow a bit of extra time and will try to work around their schedules. It’s best if we start the session just after a feed or nap, but if a baby needs to feed or nap during the shoot then that’s absolutely fine. If they have older siblings, I can be photographing them while baby is sleeping/feeding.

I’m still carrying extra baby weight so I’m worried that I won’t look great in the photos!

Please don’t worry as most mums feel the same way! I always encourage parents to be in at least a few of the photos as I think it’s important that you are part of these memories too. There is no pressure though of course.

At the end of the day your children won’t care how you look and it’s wonderful to have photos of all the family to share with the grandparents and print for your walls. You’ll appreciate the photos all the more as time goes on and looking back, will be glad that you were in at least some of them!

Can we include our cat/dog/horse/rabbit/pet hamster in the photo session?

Yes of course! As your session is bespoke to you, we can include any family pets… much loved pets form part of your family memories after all.

If you have a dog then you can bring them along with you to the park or on a favourite walk. For other pets then the session will most likely need to be at your home/garden in order to accommodate them. 

What if my children misbehave on the day?

I think this is every parent’s concern! Please don’t worry as I have worked with lots of families and with babies/children/teenagers of all ages. Children all have different personalities and I will try to work around them to get the best photos on the day.

We can chat on the phone beforehand so that I can find out more about all your family members and their likes and dislikes. I’ll try and organise the session to keep everyone occupied. I usually photograph the younger children first and then give them time to play. Once the more ‘posed’ group photos are out of the way we can find things that they enjoy doing for some more candid images.

What if it looks like poor weather on the day?

As we live in the UK, there is always the possibility of poor weather. I will keep an eye on the weather the day before and let you know if I think we need to cancel. As long as it’s dry and not too cold we can usually go ahead. However, if rain is forecast then it might be best to postpone and I’ll contact you to rearrange for the next available date.

What if my child isn’t feeling well, how late can I cancel?

If your child is not feeling well then we may need to postpone the session. Please let me know at least 24 hours in advance if you think that your child will not be well enough for the session. We can then rearrange for the next available date.

What if I need to cancel or postpone the session for any other reason?

If you need to postpone your session for any other reason, then please let me know at least 2 weeks in advance. We can rearrange for the next available date.

If you wish to cancel the session completely then please let me know at least 2 weeks in advance in order to obtain a refund. If you have to cancel less than 2 weeks before your session date then I will be unable to refund the session fee. Refunds are provided in full, less a £25 admin fee to cover my time in arranging the booking.

How do I view my images after the session?

You are invited to view your images here in person, over coffee. You can sit back and relax while enjoying a slideshow of all your images and then afterwards I’ll talk you through the options for ordering, printing and framing.

The session fee includes 5 high resolution images and 5 large professional prints, with options for further upgrades (full details here). I can also show you some beautiful examples of frames and wall art to suit your home.

If you are unable to view the images in person then there is also the option of viewing them via an online gallery. Most people find it’s helpful to view them in person though as they are able to peruse over product samples and discuss all the options there and then.